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ARRI Alexa XR Plus 4:3

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ARRI Alexa XR Plus 4:3
  • Alexa Plus
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ARRI Alexa XR Plus 4:3

ALEXA Plus with 4:3 Sensor is a compact, lightweight and affordable digital camera that will redefine the limits of motion picture capture with ultra-fast workflows and image quality akin to 35mm film, with CODEX XR Module & SxS Card Adapter. 

*Note: Codex Capture Drives and Codex Reader not included, see Accessories>Monitors, Recorders.

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Alexa Plus

ARRI Alexa XR Plus 4:3

ALEXA is a compact, lightweight and affordable digital camera that will redefine the limits of motion picture capture with ultra-fast workflows and image quality akin to 35mm film. From major motion pictures and high end dramas to commercials, music videos and mainstream TV, ALEXA suits a wide variety of applications and budgets.

More than just a camera, ALEXA represents an entire image pipeline. By combining proprietary ARRI technology with ubiquitous tools from industry-leading partners, ALEXA stands alone as the most complete and powerful digital production system ever built.

The ALEXA is based on the ARRI designed, fully encapsulated CMOS sensor, which offers a base sensitivity equivalent to 800 ASA, low noise and unsurpassed latitude that exceeds 13 stops. Nevertheless the main advantage of ALEXA will be an easy workflow.

ALEXA can internally record to Codex 500Gb drive. The card slot is located on the camera's left side. You can choose from the full range of Apple ProRes TM codecs & uncompressed ARRI Raw.

ALEXA is unique in that it can simultaneously record uncompressed HD video or uncompressed ARRIRAW data, output Apple QuickTime/ProRes files. This output versatility makes it ideal for a myriad of productions and workflows from television to feature films.

Main Features

Exceptional Image Performance
  • Film-like, organic look
    • extended, clean highlights
    • extremely low noise floor
    • natural skin tones
    • excellent color separation
    • cinematic depth of field
  • Wide exposure latitude of 14 stops
  • EI 800 base sensitivity (EI 160 to EI 3200)
  • Sharp natural images for 2K DI and HD
Efficient and Versatile Workflows
  • Multiple output options
    • ProRes, ARRIRAW and HD
    • Log C, Rec 709 or DCI P3
    • audio and metadata recording
  • Apple ProRes
    • on-board file-based recording onto Codex Flash Mags
    • all five Apple ProRes codecs
    • same codec as FCP uses: Shoot > Edit
    • on-board file-based recording onto Codex Flash Mags
    • best format for 2K deliverables
    • best quality for VFX productions
    • greatest flexibility in post
    • best option for archiving
  • HD-SDI
    • integrates into existing HD infrastructures
    • configurable HD-SDI outputs
ARRI Product Quality
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Well balanced, ergonomic design
  • Carefully considered details
  • Precision sync for 3D
  • Compatible with existing accessories
  • Worldwide ARRI service network
Open, Future proof Architecture
  • Compatibility with industry standards
    • PL mount lenses
    • HD-SDI, on-board file-based recording onto Codex Flash Mags
    • V-lock on-board batteries
    • 12 or 24V power inputs and outputs
    • support for ARRIRAW by third party post tolls
  • Numerous upgrade options
    • upgradable Storage Interface Module
    • upgradable Electronics Interface Module
    • Exchangeable Lens Mount (ELM)
    • easy and powerful software upgrades

Technical Specifications

Camera Type 35 format digital film style camera with an optical viewfinder
Sensor Type
35 format ALEV III CMOS with Dual Gain Architecture (DGA)
Frame Rate 0.75 - 60fps, adjustable with 1/1000 fps precision.
  • Recording ARRIRAW
    • Dimensions: 23.760x17.82mm / 0.9354x0.702"
    • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
    • Photosites: 2880 x 2160
    • Data: 12 bit log
  • Recording HD
    • Dimensions: 23.76 x13.37 mm / 0.9354x0.5262"
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    • Photosites: 2880 x 1620
    • Data: 10 bit lin / log, 12 bit lin / log
  • Monitoring / EVF
    • Dimensions: 26.136x14.702mm / 1.0290x0.5788"
    • Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9, 2.39:1 Anamorphic
    • Photosites: 3168 x 1782
    • Data: 10 bit lin / log

Internal to SxS PRO memory cards:
1080p Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) or Apple ProRes 4444 QuickTime® with embedded 2-ch audio and ancillary metadata xml-file.

External via REC OUT 1.5G or 3G:
ARRIRAW or 1080PsF 4:4:4 rgB/4:2:2 YCbCr HD video. Recording frame rates other than HD standard 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60 fps requires a recorder with Variflag support. Recording ARRIRAW requires an ARRIRAW T-Link certified recorder.

Under 20 dB(A) when recording to SxS cards with lens, measured 1 m/3 feet from the image plane
Accepts 12 to 36V DC, 90W power draw in typical use recording to SxS cards
L - 332 mm/12.95" - body with PL mount
W - 153mm/6.02" - body only
H - 158mm/6.22" - body only
ALEXA camera body + SxS Module: 6.3kg / 13.8 lbs
Lens Mount
54mm stainless steel PL mount, Super 35 centered.
Electronic rolling shutter, adjustable from 5 to 358,0° with 1/10 degree precision.
Electronic color viewfinder with a 1280 x 720 pixel F-LCOS micro display and ARRI LED backlight. Comes with an eyepiece diopter. Optional Viewfinder Extension Bracket VEB-1 and long EVF cable. High-speed interface to camera for very low latency.
Viewing Screen Superimposed format markers (customizable), peripheral image area and camera status. Pixel to pixel display for critical focusing. False color display for easy exposure check. Image can be flipped for use on left or right side of camera.
  • 1x monitoring out HD-SDI 1.5g (MON OUT)
  • 1x return signal/sync in HD-SDI 1.5g (RET/SYNC IN)
  • 1x accessory interface (EXT)
  • 2x recording out HD-SDI 3g/1.5g switchable (REC OUT)
  • 1x 24 V power in (BAT)
  • 2x 24 V accessory power (RS)
  • 1x 12 V accessory power
  • 1x time code (TC)
  • 1x headphone jack
  • 1x audio in XLR 5-pin (AUDIO IN)
  • 1x viewfinder interface (EVF)
  • 1x powered network (NET)
  • 1x memory card module
Connections ALEXA Plus
  • 1x additional monitor out
  • 1x additional RS accessory power out
  • connectors for Lens Control and Lens Data System
Sound less than 20 dB(A) @ 24 fps
Dimensions L 39 cm/15.35"
W (viewfinder left) 27 cm/10.83"
H (with handle) 30 cm/11.81"
H (without handle) 23 cm/9.06"
Accessories ALEXA has integrated clamps for 15mm rods. ALEXA is compatible to a wide range of production and lightweight matte boxes (15 or 19 mm system), follow focus units, lens control system (LCS) components, wireless remote system (WRS) components, electronic accessories and support systems.
Specifically for ALEXA: 19mm rod bridge plate (BP-12), bridge plate adapter (BPA-1) for mounting on standard bridge plates (BP-3/5/8/9), wedge adapter (WA-1) for mounting on the Digi-Cine quick-release base plate (QR-HD1), shoulder pad (SP-3), ALEXA Ethernet Adapter (AEA-1), leveling block (LB-1), viewfinder interface cables, viewfinder mounting bracket (VMB-1), viewfinder extension bracket (VEB-1), electronic viewfinder (EVF-1), ALEXA low mode support set (LMS-3), center camera handle (CCH-1), handle extension block (HEB-2), side camera handle (SCH-1), battery adapter top for gold Mount (BAT-G), battery adapter top for V Mount (BAT-V), battery adapter back for gold Mount (BAB-G), battery adapter back for V Mount (BAB-V), spare fan module (SFM-1), ALEXA rain Shield (ARS-1)
Misc Extra attachment points for rigging.

Please Note: All prices are listed in Australian dollars and exclude insurance, shipping and GST.


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