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  • Moviecam 01


Created exclusively for the Moviecam, the advanced BLN (Bauer Low Noise) compensating link movement ensures smooth pull down and precise frame to frame registration.

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Moviecam 01

Moviecam 'Compact' Silent Reflex Camera - Standard or Super35

Dimensions of Camera Body

height 180mm/7", width 160mm/6.3", length 300mm/11.8", weight 6,3 kg/13 lbs.110 oz.

The design of the camera body enables the use of different viewfinders and by means of throats top or rear mount position of magazines.

The MOVIECAM COMPACT is designed to accept magazines and control boxes baseplates and most other ancilliaries from the MOVIECAM SUPERAMERICA. Also ARRIFLEX® bridgeplates, fol/owfocus, matteboxes etc, may be used with the MOVIECAM COMPACT.

Sound Level

Under 20 dBA.


Created exclusively for the Moviecam, the advanced BLN (Bauer Low Noise) compensating link movement ensures smooth pull down and precise frame to frame registration. Dual pilot pin registration and double pull down pins. Aperture plates, available in all 35 mm aspect ratios, are easily interchangeable. The movement slides back for easy threading. Loop adjustment.


150 m/500' and 300 m/1000'. All magazines have built-in heaters and torque motors with no gear or belt connection to the camera. Mechanical and electronic footage counter with digital display of raw stock with memory. Additional mechanical take up controls. 120 m / 400' lightweight Steadimag with vertical displacement to maintain center of gravity.


BNCR and Combi-PL mount accepts lenses from 9,8 mm and up. Regular and Super 35.


180° variable to 45°. Calibrated in segments with positive stops at 90o, 120o, 144o, 172,8o. Mirror stops automatically in viewing position. Interchangeable ground glasses available in all aspect ratios.


The camera is powered by a microprocessor controlled motor with variable speed from 12 to 32 fps in one frame increments. All speeds operate with crystal quartz accuracy. The motor can be driven by a 24 V DC source battery or 110/220 V AC power supply - which may also be used as a battery charger.

Integrated Heaters

Built-in thermostatically controlled DC heaters for temperatures below +5o C / 141o F. Camera and magazines are heated.

Viewfinder Attachment

6,1 magnification. Optical image via a rotating mirror to groundglass. Reflex viewfinder produces a brilliant full size correct image. Filterwhee[ with 3 positions. The viewfinder is rotatable 360o, while maintaining an erect image. A 12" Viewfinder extension with built in 2,4x magnification zoom is available. Large exit pupil 9,2 mm, has heated rear element to prevent condensation. The eyepiece is adjustable. Anamorphic viewing system also available.

Video Systems

Several flicker reduced CCD video pick-ups may be attached, 100% Color or B&W, 80/20 Optical/B&W video, 50/50 Optical/Color video, providing a high contrast video display from the groundglass. Video output con be supplied to other remote monitors or recorders. On board 1.5" monitor or 3.5" LCD montior. An Iris Control for the video system is available.


Projects the aspect ratios of the groundglass in selectable combinations of all standard formats.

Moviespeed System

The Moviespeed attachment is a control unit which allows running speeds to be changed during the shot of programmed rates from 1 to 50 fps forward and 12 to 32 fps reverse. The time interval in which acceleration or deceleration is to take place can be preset on switch banks. Speed changes are made with full automatic exposure corrections via the automatic iris control servomotor coupled to the lens iris ring. Running speed can be preset in three-digit accuracy for filming computer screens.

Synchronization Attachment

Syncro attachment slaves the camera motor to an external pu/se, for flicker free generator powered HMI shooting, filming from TV monitors or process photography.

Time Code

Plug in TC-module for recording SMPTE RP 135 and RP 136 80 bit.

Operational Controls

Illuminated ON/OFF switch. Frame speed preset buttons. Digital counters for frame rate. Flickering control display which indicates incorrect operation or buckle trips. Digitaidisplay for forward and reverse. TV line phase shifter for synchronizing film with any TV monitor. Sync in and sync out. Dust check knob.

Carrying Cases

Made from welded aluminium with sunk-in handles and locks. The interior is contour-formed foam.

Technical Specifications

Filming Speeds Forward run: 1 to 50 fps
Reverse run: 12 to 32 fps
Shutter 180°, 172,8°, 144°, 120°, 90°, 45°
Noise Level under 20 dB(A)
Viewfinder Magnification 6.1
Dimensions H 180 mm B 160 mm L 300 mm
Weight app. 6.3 kg (13 lbs)
Power Supply 24V DC battery
110/220V AC power supply
Timecode Plug in TC-module for recording SMPTE RP 135 and RP 136 80 bit

MOVIECAM Compact Silent Reflex Camera Production Kit

  • PL. Mount, Full Gate
  • 180° Swing-over Viewfinder
  • “Movieglow” selectable to various formats including T.V., 1.66:1, 1.85:1 & Super 35 Formats
  • Built in Eyepiece Heater
  • Adjustable Pitch Control
  • Inbuilt Crystal Speeds from 12 to 32 f.p.s.
  • Reverse running possible
  • Variable Shutter 45° to 180° in steps
  • 3 x 400' Magazines - Top or Back mounted Magazine fittings
  • Shoulder Cushion
  • 2 x 24v 8Ah Block Batteries with Chargers
  • Changing Bag
  • Arri Bridge Plate
  • Arri 4"x4"
  • Matte Box, Mattes

Please Note: All prices are listed in Australian dollars and exclude insurance, shipping and GST.


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